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ST Platform

ST provides clients with the world's most advanced Meta Trader4&Meta Trader5.As the most advanced and popular trading platform in the market, Meta Trader4&Meta Trader5 can instantly check the foreign exchange and commodity market, conduct simulation and real trading, and have powerful data analysis, chart processing and other functions, which has accumulated a good reputation in the industry.
Multi-functional integrated foreign exchange trading platform
Built in Meta Trader market - the largest online bot and tech metrics store
Enhance online transactions - transactions can be done from any browser, any device
Excellent transaction (signal) replication function, own database and virtual host
24 hours MT5 expert support

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Thanks to the premium execution services offered by many of the world's top liquidity providers, ST Prosperity is able to provide customers with customized trading solutions to match their diverse brokerage needs.At the same time, ST Prosperity can provide customers with more than 50 sets of trading products, including spot foreign exchange, stock index, crude oil and precious metals, which greatly enriched the types of customers' investment.What's more, with world-leading technical support, ST Prosperity provides customers with transaction quality with surprisingly low latency and flexible and multi-choice connections including FIX API.At any time, ST Prosperity will work with customers to build a prosperous future for its brokerage business.As a professional broker, ST Prosperity never participates in any orders in the system, which is an abiding tenet of ST Prosperity, whose purpose is to protect the fundamental interests of customers to the maximum extent possible by isolating the intervention of third parties.



Since its establishment, ST Prosperity has grown and developed rapidly, and the company has successively set up headquarters, operation offices and representative offices in several major financial towns in the world, including Britain, the United States, New Zealand, seychelles, Japan and China.We are committed to providing financial institutions, enterprises and general individual customers with sophisticated, professional and advanced trading platform equipment.We are committed to providing financial institutions, enterprises and individual customers with a comprehensive trading platform and advanced trading equipment.Through our innovative proprietary trading technology, customers can trade in a highly competitive environment to build personal advantage.We offer a wide range of currency pairs, precious metals and contracts for difference.All transactions adopt the direct market trading mode. In the mode without trader platform, real-time access to real-time streaming quotation entry of more than 16 top Banks and circulation providers in the world can execute all trading orders at very competitive prices.Such trading process and turnover, is our insistence.We are committed to creating unprecedented opportunities for our customers and partners through the introduction of new products and services and the development of innovative proprietary technologies to support the infrastructure, providing superior transaction quality.

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